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Discover what our Brand RedFire has to offer to make your outdoor life even more atmospheric and cozy. For all lovers of fire and atmosphere in the garden you are good with the products from the various product lines of the Redfire range. Looking for a sleek and modern design for the garden or on the terrace or fan of the colorful Mexican clay fireplaces? Garden fireplaces, fire bowls, clay fireplaces; Visit our showroom and get a good impression of the extensive ranges of Redfire!

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Cosiness and warmth

The garden plays an increasingly important role in terms of creation and atmosphere – The past challenging years have accelerated a trend that has been on the rise for a long time, namely the transformation of the garden or terrace into an extension of the living space as if it were a ‘green living room’. The boundaries between inside and outside are blurring and merging more than ever, in which atmosphere and warmth play an important role.

Cooking and Enjoy

Do you want to complete an atmospheric evening with a barbecue and crackling fire? With the different products of RedFire anything is possible. For example, there are products for warmth, light and atmosphere in the garden, such as fire bowls, baskets and fireplaces. RedFire also pays attention to practical design, so that you get more-in-one product; such as fireplaces that serve as wood storage and grill in one for example.

RedFire for every season

Enjoy a Redfire product in your garden at any time of the year! The various items from the redfire product lines are also suitable and original to give as a gift, and to get of course! We can also deliver “bespoke” as desired. RedFire products lend themselves perfectly to Christmas packages; if you want more information about this, we would like to hear from you!


Wood basket firing

If you want to light a safe fire, light your kindling or cubes with a long lighter or match to prevent burns. Give the fire quiet time to grow with enough oxygen. So do not immediately fill your entire hive with logs and use dry wood. Stack the logs one by one to each other with enough space between them. Be patient and do not use fuels such as spirits to keep it safe. With fire, safety is the most important thing, so don’t let your bonfire become a fire!